Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Update on ARHS Streakers

Furor, student unrest grow.... See also Nov 3 post, waaaay below

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Anonymous said...

I have an original letter from Sammie Potts, dated December 19, 1974, which arrived addressed to my mother on the first day of Christmas vacation. It reads:
"To Heidi Laufman, You are not to be seen in the hallway by the Social Studies classrooms unless you have a class in the boys gym. If I do see you there I will not hesitate to suspend you. This is due to a snowman being placed in this area."
A group of us had done this and I assume they all got the letter. My mom thought it was a joke! The funny thing is that we went to Sammies office and dragged him down the hall to see it!...and he laughed. The powers that be had to cover their butts even 32 years ago I guess.