Monday, November 06, 2006

ARHS on "As Schools Match Wits"

Airing on Saturday evenings from 1961 to 2006, "As Schools Match Wits" was hosted by Phil Shepardson until 1991. While ARHS has a long history of superlative performance on ASMW, the trophy-winning 1975-1976 team was undoubtedly among the best ever to represent the school. Under the bold leadership of John Warthen, the mid-70's Amherst Regional ASMW team devastated its western MA peers, winning way more than its share of points and matches in this televised brainpower tournament. ...Anyone remember Peter "The Vindicator" Chametzky?

WWLP-22 in Springfield recently canceled "As Schools Match Wits," the longest running high-school quiz show in TV history. Sign the petition here.

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