Thursday, October 26, 2006

Distinguished Teachers

Meet the Emeritus contingent:

Did you know that 5 fondly-remembered faculty who taught at ARHS during the 1975-1976 school year are now distinguished veterans teaching ARHS students today? If you recall our yearbook "The Goldbug," faculty and staff were sorted not by department, but by zodiac sign. Certainly you remember that Jane Baer is an Aquarius, Dael Chapman is a Pisces, Marc Gerstein is a Sagittarius, Tom Gralinski is a Cancer, and John Warthen is a Taurus.

Check out what students say about their ARHS teachers in 2006.

** TEACHERS: the Reunion Committee is trying to get word of the November 25 Reunion Dinner out to our favorite ARHS teachers and staff. Are you in touch with old colleagues? Please e-mail with contact information that will allow us to invite everyone we remember!


Anonymous said...

Has anybody thought of trying to find Sammie Potts? Maybe he is still in Amherst.

Anonymous said...

We are working on it.
Please check out the reunion invitation to MAKE A DONATION to pay for teachers dinners so they dont have to pay to hang out with us ;-)

Bowhunter said...

Who was the Chemistry teacher (man) who had glasses and he might have also coached the soccer team? He might have been teaching Physics, not Chem.